Tom Gretton Syndicates

Become a part-owner of a racehorse - at a fraction of the cost of outright ownership


If you are interested in a full or part share in a horse in our yard, then please don't hesitate to contact us for details.

We always have horses for sale and in many cases, part shares in racehorses, both raced and un-raced. Tommy will also attend the sales on behalf of clients wishing to purchase youngstock or in-training stock.

We know that owning a racehorse outright is a big commitment, so we work with the service, not only to offer shares from as small as 2.5% at affordable prices, but also to provide a great service to our smaller owners, with regular updates, yard visits, badge allocations on racedays and of course regular photos, videos and audio updates. We have an open-door policy which means that even our smaller owners are always welcome at the yard.

In order to view all of our currently available shares, plus photos, video and fully inclusive costings then click below. You can reserve your share, set up your Direct Debit and monitor all aspects of your ownership via the system.

All our syndicate owners are provided with a Syndicate Agreement which explains in simple terms the way in which the syndicate is operated and what the agreement between you and ourselves consists of, so we both know where we stand. This is in line with the best practice guidelines the BHA (British Horseracing Authority) recommend.